About us

 The shop is located in Courlans in the Jura. Old and yelow stones built our house. Inside the fruit of the harvests was collected in the past. The house is surrounded by wooded gardens. It's certainly an excelent place for exhibiting antiques.

The journey through time starts as soon as the door is open. In two large rooms , pieces of furniture religious art and popular art from the Jura , the Bresse and Burguady are shown to the best advantage.

Painting has also a large place: POINTELIN a follower of COURBET is well represented here. We like his work because he paints particular places in Jura landscapes.

Pieces of furniture are rich in our region. They are strong, made of different species of wood. Abondant sculpture decorates them.The oak and beech come from thick and cold forests. The walnut, wild cherry and peartree come from the orchards of the plain. there, people took the time to let the trees grow to maturity.

The perfumed elm was cut near swamps. The ash and fir com from the expanses of highlands. the burr of walnut or ash give fascinating mottling to the armoires and credenzas' facades.

Each piece of furniture holds the secret of the forest, the audacity of a cabinetmaker, the charactere of a region and the scratches of successive lives.


An armoire was was the symbol of an important moment. It was the main present for a wedding. Today an armoire looks still to belong at a grandmother!

It's a quiet friend who accompanies man throught his excistence. It collects his effects, his secrets and his richness hidden under the sheets.

This transient privacy will keep the perfum of eternity.

We would like to share with visitors the beauty of our heritage. So, we are vigilent that every piece of furniture and objet is well restored to preserve its integrity and identity. Our craftsmen have expert knowledge and they are recognised for that.

We garantee the authenticity of our pieces of furniture. Furthermore, we deliver the furniture ourselves.

It's with pleasure that we'll informe you . Therefor do not hesitate to contact us.