Achille GROS (Epeugney (Doubs) ?-1911) Farm to Mouthier Haute-Pierre (Doubs)

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Student Nestor BAVOUX at the School of Drawing of Besançon, Achille GROS is in the movement of the Franc Comtoise School after Courbet, then Bavoux, Fanart Isenbart and his contemporaries.
He became a professor at the School of Painting Dole (Jura) and curator of the Museum of Fine Arts of the city of 1889-1911.
He exhibited at the Salon from 1888 and get gold medals in Nancy, Lyon, Besancon, Langres and Dijon. The Museum of Fine Arts in Besançon has of his works.
In our picture, (Oil on canvas 65 cm / 92 cm signed lower right) Achilles GROS, present in a large composition with great touch accurate color and true expression, a landscape in the tranquility of the midday sun.